"Being of the same mind, maintaing the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose." Philippians 2:2


Jason Brown has been in ministry since 1989. He has a rich history in the service of the Kingdom of God. His parents are pastors and his grandparents were pastors and evangelists. His grandparent's last place of ministry was at Bethel Chapel(now Oasis of Grace) in Bishop, CA. He and his wife Penni have ministered together for six years as youth pastors and associate pastors in Oceanside, CA at Hope Chapel in Oceanside, CA and at Kelso First Church of the Nazarane in Kelso, WA.


My Confession: Despite this rich heritage in Christ, I , Jason, chose to allow bitterness and hatred to infiltrate my heart. During my wifes last pregnancy I turned from God and allowed alcohol to become my god. I desperatley struggled to escape the tortures of alcoholism but I saw no hope. Afraid of loosing my job and my family I began to drink heavily and concealed my drinking from others, including my family. Ultimately I found myself waking up in the local jail wondering how I got to where I was at that moment. I immediately turned back to God and found true help for my sickness. I am clean today. Not only of alcohol, but I have been washed by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, cleansed from my sins. I stand again preaching His message of Salvation to those who are still hurting. The enemy comes to "Steal, kill and destroy, but Christ comes to give life and life more abundant." John 10:10. Join us in sharing God's truth and message of hope.


We have a strong desire to see the church reach out and become relevant to this new generation rising up in America. In doing so, they have fostered the desire to begin "Relational Church." For more information, select the "Services" link above.


Jason loves taking people into the great outdoors of our beautiful back-yard, the High Sierra's. He also loves skiing and if you ask him about it, you will never get away. This is one conversation that he will stick with for hours and will talk you into dropping into the deepest, steepest crevas on the mountain; be carefull what you talk about.

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